Is It Possible To Get A Loan Within 1 Hour?

With loans on the rise, it’s only natural that consumers want access to their funds immediately. In the past, it often took days or even weeks to have a loan approved and processed by the banks or financial institutions. As times have changed and the internet has become more technologically advanced, lenders are now able to take applications over the internet and give instant decisions. If you’re considering applying for a loan, and wondering whether you can receive the funds within a mere matter of an hour, then the good news is that it’s more than possible. However, some loan companies will have their own specific time frames so it’s important to check on their website what their specific funds transfer time is.

How It Works

One of the biggest and most popular loan lenders is Wonga. They currently offer PayDay loans to UK citizens who are looking for loans immediately. Their online process will be able to give you an instant decision once completed. From there, Wonga send out payments in 15-minute intervals. Every 15 minutes, their computer system automatically processes and sends each and every payment. If you’re lucky, you may be accepted when the timer is less than a minute. This would result in the PayDay loan arriving in your bank within a mere few seconds. While this is unlikely, they still offer the fastest loan delivery in the United Kingdom. No other lender can beat their 15-minute delivery time.

The only loans which are available for delivery within an hour are PayDay loans unfortunately. These are available so quickly because the lenders don’t need to carry out manual approval. They simply check to see if you’re working, and if all your details match up with their credit checks, then they send the loan immediately. Loans can be sent within 1 hour anytime of the day – they are computer processed 24/7.

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