6 Month Payday Loans

Comparing 6 month loans with longer periods of repayment is like choosing between a wise decision and an unwise one. There is little doubt that the shorter your loan repayment period, the better it is for you all round. A 3 month payday loan or a month long payday loan are both too short for many and any loan lasting a year or longer are too long. Therefore, a 6 month loan is just perfect for most people as it is easily affordable for most and your debt will not drag on for what would seem an endless amount of time.


  • Payback period is spread out over 6 months
  • Average APR Approximately 3380%
  • Most lenders offer early pay back benefits

Providing you meet the criteria of having a reasonably good credit rating, you will find 6 month loans can be offered at some very competitive rates. There are several benefits attached to 6 month loans including the ability to repay the debt comfortably and securely and a loan that does not drag on for any longer than might be comfortable.

When you apply for a 6 month loan you are paying the loan back in as little time as would be possible. There are many 6 month loans available for those with bad credit too. What makes these 6 month loans so appealing is that you pay them back in a period that will reduce the stress a large payday deductions often seen in one month pay day loans and 3 month payday loans.

The 6 month payday loans are spread evenly enough so that you will not even notice the deductions on your pay packet each month. Most 6 month loans for those with bad credit are offered by sending off your details and receiving quick approval as no credit check is taken place and there is an easy application process before you loan is sanctioned.

If you compare a 6 month with a loan that lasts say, two years, you will straight away notice that the two year loan is certainly less to pay back each month but the total pay back time is four times as long. A 6 month loan will give you an extra 18 months of freedom from your debt and you will be paying a total which is lower than you would under the two year loan. The other clear advantage of the 6 month loan is that it can often be unsecured, meaning your property is not at risk should you default on payment.

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