3 Month Payday Loans

Comparing 3 month loans with longer periods of repayment is always a wise choice to go with a loan period that you can easily afford. There is no doubt that the shorter your loan repayment period, the better it is for everyone it is. There is far less stress to worry about if you can repay a loan in just 3 paydays.


  • Payback period is spread out over 3 months
  • Lower monthly payment than instant loans
  • Most lenders offer early pay back benefits

Providing you do not have bad credit and have a monthly paid salary, getting a 3 month payday loan is quite simple enough. There are several plus points attached to 3 month loans, including the ability to repay the debt with comfort and ease and security. There is also the added benefit of your loan not dragging on for an extended period of time.

The 3 month payday loans are spread evenly enough so that you will not even notice the deductions on your pay packet each month, whereas if you paid back when you get paid (as in one month payday loans) you’ll notice a huge lump sum disappearing from your payday cheque all in one go. Most 3 month loans for those with bad credit are offered by making an application and receiving quick approval as no credit check is taken place and there is an easy application process before you loan is approved.

If you compare a 3 month with a loan that lasts three years, for example, you will notice straight away notice that the three year loan is almost definitely lower in monthly payback totals. But the bad news is your payday cheque will be lighter not just for three month but for 36!

Comparing 3 month loans with a 6 month loans should be considered for those who are borrowing low amounts of money (usually under £300). If you borrow £300 you will have to pay back the £300 plus about £90 in interest, if taking up a 3 month payday loan. This means that if you took up a 3 month payday loan, you would be paying back £130 each payday for just three paydays. The interest charged on a 6 month loan would be considerably more.

There is also the added stress of your loan dragging on for an extra three months more. If you can afford to pay back the amounts within three month, then a 3 month payday loan is one service that probably has the most appeal of them all.

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