12 Month Payday Loans

12 Months loans are effective when you need a moderate amount of money. The reason for why you need a loan isn’t important. You’re probably reading this because you want to be able to compare the different loans available to you. When choosing which 12 month loan to take out, you’ll want to consider some important variables. Things such as the total APR, how much interest you will need to repay, the repayment terms, the flexibility of the loan and the actual lender are all important. Unfortunately, the process of applying for loans and navigating through each lenders website is difficult and extremely time consuming. You may need to make several applications, and each of these can potentially take hours.


  • Payback period is spread out over 12 months
  • Average APR Approximately 280%
  • Higher borrowing limits

Fortunately, due to the recent technological advancements made in the past five years, consumers are now able to compare 12 month loans through something known as a price comparison site. These sites directly communicate with the leading 12 month loan lenders and give you a decision from each of them. Because the lenders are appearing on a comparison site, they are usually much more competitive and will offer you better rates than going to them direct. With that said, the application process is relatively simple and you will save yourself quite a lot of time in doing so. Simply navigate over to a leading price comparison site such as Confused, select the Loans part of the site and fill in an application form. Once filled in, your application will be sent off and you will get the results back usually within five minutes.

From there, you can look at each lender and determine which one is the best for your circumstances. You will be able to see the interest rates, terms, reputation, reviews and a whole variety of other important information.

Do Your Homework

The key bit of advice we can pass on to you is that doing your own research before taking out a loan is very important as you need to feel like you are using the correct lender for your situation and needs. The best way to do this is to go on to Google and search for ‘Loan Lender + Review’ and reading the results that come up, or alternatively go on one of the reputable finance forums such as MoneySavingExpert and read reviews of each lender you are considering and see which one is getting the best write ups from people that have actually use them before, in our opinion this is the most valuable bit of info you could find!

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